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Willetton, WA, 6155

Imported Linen made into Interior products of quilts, cushions, throws, napery. Vintage fabrics made up into bags, napery. Recycled and painted furniture, mirrors. Recycled pots with plants, floral arrangements......unusual finds for decorating.

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Up Early for the Markets in Pecs...

Moira Schneider

After a long day on Wednesday, we were to rise early to get to the markets in Pecs (about 30 kms away) by 5.30am.  Pecs is the biggest Romanian town outside of Budapest.  Well we managed to be up early enough for showers & strong hot coffee.  Off we went, passing the most amazing views as we drove along. I did not know what to expect after the wonderful markets and fairs in the U.K.  As we drove into Pecs I was overwhelmed at what I saw - apartment housing like boxes everywhere and bland colourings, a mix of cars in terms of age, lots of buses with people queuing at bus stops at that early hour.  The shops we passed were more like boxed containers..... it has been a very slow crawl economically after the communist era ended, as it was there for so long and its effects are hard to shake off.  There has been progress but once there is poverty it is hard to recover from it.

We arrived at the markets and Maud had the right money for the parking fee as there is order to the way it's all run. We found a spot as close as possible to the exhibitors as we were expecting to be carrying quite a few things.  

Again I was not prepared for what I saw - there were many ordinary people among the dealers rolling out their rugs and mats to sell their wares on - virtually anything, whether it worked or not. There were old wares, electrical goods, paintings, clothing and a lot looked like it was junk: anything to make a little bit of money.  We wandered around the walkways  and Maud spied a number of things she would come back to, but she first went to one of the ladies she knew that she buys Hungarian hand-made skirts and shirts from. These are sought after as the skirts are colourful with scalloped edging. The shirts are almost like painting smocks.  

After some time of choosing we moved back to where there were a number of exhibitors selling particular Hungarian pottery..... the number of pots purchased grew and after filling a large French basket full, as well as carrying some individually, we needed to take them back to the car. We went back again and Maud found a number of different bits and pieces - her eyes are well trained to see things amidst the maze of goods. I was scouting for some sacks (I scored two lovely soft ones from the lady with the skirts and shorts) and then I spied a small brass statue with a holy water crucible attached. It would have been used at the font door of a home. (There is a large population of Catholics in Hungary). I had already seen many Jesus statues in the middle of nowhere - along roads butting onto the fields - these were quite tall and often elaborate. 

As we had been up so early we needed a coffee, so off we went to some little stalls selling an array of food. We stayed with simple food, coffee, and cold, sweet tea. Next to the stall where we bought the food and drinks the vendor was selling lots of deep fried foods that Hungarians just love, but it was very rich.  

We went back to purchase more goodies but not before we went to the ladies toilets - this was a sight to behold. There was a lady in a little kiosk all set out with her books, radio etc and she took the money we had to pay, giving us a ticket off an old fashioned roll of tickets (a bit like tickets used to go into movies, many years ago) so we might use the ladies. It was her job to keep the Ladies toilets clean, and you could see how important her position was. 

After we were laden up, we drove back to the house and on the way stopped for fresh bread and a few yummies.   The day was fairly lazy and in the afternoon I went for a walk around the little village. 

Day breaking as we began the short drive to Pecs.   These photos were taken through the car window. 

Day breaking as we began the short drive to Pecs.   These photos were taken through the car window. 


Just entering Pecs.  



We arrived to see many people setting up.



A mixed array of goods.  



This stall is where we purchased quite a lot of clothing & linen.  



Very neatly arranged !! 




Amidst much there were old old paintings: some as is & some restored ... 



Our simple morning tea - almost like an apple turnover .. 


Sorting through mounds of old linen  

Sorting through mounds of old linen  


An old Mill had been restored & is now a local supermarket where we stopped for fresh bread.  



This very tiny chapel was next door to the mill where it is used only on special occasions. We saw many of these and there was one at the end of Maud's street. The day before we left, there happened to be a special Mass, & so I was able to go along and experience the mass - all in Hungarian.  



Some of the rambly farm homes along Maud's street.  



There are a number of German residents as well, with more recently built homes.  



This is an example of the Jesus monuments/statues that I mentioned - just randomly placed. 



This is the little chapel at the end of Maud's street.  



You can see how old some of these buildings are and there are old barns beside them.  



On reflection if there was more time to get out the paints and brushes - there is such a richness to capture on canvas.  

Off to Hungary ... Wednesday 28th June 17

Moira Schneider

I was up at 5.30am to get ready & be at the Luton Airport to meet Maud to fly with her to Hungary.  As we approached the airport the traffic was at a snail's crawl & Maud messaged that she was jammed in it too. Finally my niece Liesel was able to get into the lane to drive through & drop me off. I felt ridiculous in summer clothing & sandals as it was sprinkling & cool but I knew that when I stepped off the plane at the other end it was going to be nearly 40 degrees. I was reassured as I entered the airport & joined the que with Maud as many were dressed like I was. We had connected well & wasn't long before they were calling all those going to Budapest to get out of the queue & follow the attendant to a new desk. I had planned on taking just a cabin bag but Maud had asked me to take my large case as I was to take some things back for her. After checking in we scrambled with all the others to get through security, and buy some food before boarding as we were flying Wizz Airlines which is a low cost airline.   We had no time for anything but to then jump into the queue to board the plane. After about 2 hrs flight we arrive in Budapest. We went to pick up a hire car Maud had booked, & on arriving at the desk she was welcomed as a regular customer. Off we set with no sightseeing in Budapest, but straight to Maud's home in Nagynyarad, some 2.5 hours drive south of Budapest. We were able to do most of the journey on a fast motorway which goes from one end of Hungary to the other, coming near to the  Serbian Border. 

Oh: and it is 39.9 degrees as we travel. We stop a short distance from Maud's village to pick up some food & a huge watermelon !!

I didn't know what to expect about anything on this trip but as we got to Maud's home, I immediately knew why she was eager to get there as soon as possible - it is totally dreamy.  It is large, old &  rambly, with original chicken coops, pig pens, barns of different sizes, and an underground cellar. It was originally a working farm, and there are still a couple of fields at the back that neighbours use, along with the frontage that used to be large vegetable gardens with the road going through it, but is now just an area of grass. 



Through the window on the drive .. 



One of the large tunnels we drive through. 


Would you believe it's a Tesco store (there are a number of them throughout Hungary but they are not as polished as back in the UK. They are like oversized sea containers. Here there is a currency exchange kiosk, so we can change our money. 


In the heat this man sells his watermelon to Maud, outside Tesco!!! 



While Maud is buying the watermelon, I hear a guy pull up on his motorcycle. The noise has made me turn around - it is very old but kept in good working order. It is an early Hungarian motorcycle. Many of the cars are still in use from the communist era: they have survived as VW produced reconditioned engines for them...



Looking the length of Maud's home ... you can see the layers of  original brickwork...



The gorgeous old verandah with tiles all the way until they meet the old boards outside the barn.... also printing done with rollers on the outside walls. We took an old table & chairs outside & ate all our meals outside... we also took an old cane lounge out with Maud's popular Indigo dyed cushions. We sat & unpicked cross stitch together into the evening on the cane lounge ..



As the sun sets on our first night: it has its own beauty.  

Back online !!!!

Moira Schneider

A big thank you to all of you that have been following my blog/journal. I have had a lot of fun doing it as we journeyed together on this amazing journey & then as Tony came home I was able to continue on my own journey. I am only sorry that this end part of the journey, Internet became a bit unreliable for me to continue posting. All good now though & I will finish blogging my journey over the next few days .....

After the big events I had a day to reorganise my packing, get my hire car back & get organised for my trip to Hungary with Maud .... On the Tuesday before I left I went into Camden Town where I hadn't been for something like 18 years. It was a fun few hours. Amazingly after I had flown home I saw that there had been a fire where I had walked ... quite sad as there were major renovations going on throughout the whole area  including  along the canal banks.   



The famous Doc Martins shoes are still as popular as ever & in such a range of colours & designs.  



Some of the construction work happening along with a face lift.  



One of the great bag shops ... 



Amazing array of  used photos for sale in the markets .... 



As I leave Camden Town I see a lovely little pub still standing opposite the underground.  



I got off at Covent Gardens & sat in the outdoor theatre area of St Paul's Church where 'McBeth' was being played in the summer evenings. Some  workers were enjoying having lunch in the quietness of these surroundings.  



Inside St Paul's Church. It was a lovely end to my last trip on the tube into the heart of London.

Friday to Sunday - Salvo Fair at Henley-on-Thames

Moira Schneider

Maud has done this fair for a number of years & knows a number of the stall holders & Thornton Kay the Events Manager. There is also Matt who keeps everything together on the setting up & opening days, who rides around on a quad bike sporting a black top hat!! This is a huge event & not just huge in terms of the number of exhibitors but also the nature of the business of the exhibitors. It includes reclamation products, large garden statues, large & heavy furniture. Many use cranes to lift products off trucks, hired to bring the things to the event. In addition to this, some exhibitors drive down in vans or caravans in which  they sleep over, while others stay locally in the surrounding B&B's & Pubs.   With what is available you could redo your garden - to look totally French or Italian. Along with these are exhibits like ours that have soft furnishings & lighting etc.   We are grateful that the weather holds out & we have a heavy duty marquee to work from....

The days are long but everyone is supportive of each other. Wednesday is a Trade day, with Saturday and Sunday being open. It is quite buzzy & people from all walks of life, from trendy Battersea to the almost Bohemian ...along with such a range of dogs. As the fair is on a farming property belonging to Lord & Lady McAlpine, their 3 dogs are continually running around mixing with the other dogs.  Imagine a large Golden Labrador (called Boris) with 2 English Pugs, one Black & one white. They were quite the life of the party.  The McAlpines are eclectic collectors & have a Train from Wales that is fully operational, taking children & adults for a half mile ride. Also alongside the train is a full sized Carousel.  There is an old blue Citroen van painted up, while a couple from Henley-on-Thames served coffees. 

All in all it was a fun 3 days of meeting lots of new people: both the exhibiting stall holders & all the customers looking for that special something.  


One of the marquees with amazing garden statues ...    

One of the marquees with amazing garden statues ... 





More urban collections ..



You can see what I mean about large scale garden statues etc ... 



Lord & Lady McAlpine's home whose property the Salvo Fair was on - here can be seen an Alpaca as there were many animals close to the home. 



More lovelies to choose from ... 



Work in progress as we set up the outside our Marquee



Maud's famous Indigo dyed Hungarian sack cloth cushions, tablecloths & linen.  



We set up with themed areas of colours.  



Another view of our marquee.  



Another Marquee near us with old wares & linens.  



The carousel that children enjoyed ... this was collected by the McAlpines.  



No miniature trains here but a full sized decommissioned train from Wales that the McAlpines bought & set up near the carousel on their property. Children & adults can ride for half a mile in the open carriages after purchasing tickets from the original train station now located there.  



Lord & Lady McAlpine doing the rounds of stall holders with their dogs. They bought more things to add to their collections, including a horse cart from the lady next to us !!! 



What a finish - the pugs come to say goodbye to us ....