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52 Hawkesbury Dr
Willetton, WA, 6155

Imported Linen made into Interior products of quilts, cushions, throws, napery. Vintage fabrics made up into bags, napery. Recycled and painted furniture, mirrors. Recycled pots with plants, floral arrangements......unusual finds for decorating.


In London ....

Moira Schneider

After the beginning of an uneventful flight with the babies finally sleeping, I could read, think for a while then watched a movie and then sleep a little..... arrived on Abu Dharbu amidst a thronging stream of people with mischief chatter amidst babies starting up with crying being out of their routines, and everyone in purposeful walking - likeshe following each other, if you tripped no hope of not being crushed !!   I found the gate where I was to board my connecting flight - I felt like I had walked into an ice cube and so much so some people were quickly pulling their coats on as the air conditioning was up quite high.  Well we had a 4hr wait but it wasn't long before there was much chatter at people started congregating - then the the pantomime that ensured between the check in staff and some long robed men who obviously had some authority ..... Many of us found it hard to keep from laughing but knew it wasn't the place to be free with the laughter......

We were able to board and I settle and start to doze and thinking we had taken off I came to with the announcement that we were waiting for a crate of baggage that didn't belong to anyone on the plane to be taken off.  All done we then proceeded to take off with only a slight delay.  This trip again was rather uneventful..... Arriving in London and clearing border control was easy enough, but then at the baggage carousel was another interesting feat as people so anxious to get their luggage hugged their spot and didn't want to allow enough room to pull your case off when it arrived.... I managed well and beetled off for the exit.  Rounding the narrow exit lane there was Val, Tony's Aunt who had been patiently waiting for me....she claims to have seen my bag before me.....

Off to Val's for a cuppa whereupon we laughed all the way to her cottage as she has a wicked sense of humour so needless to say we had tears running down our faces.  Cuppa and off to explore - lunch at a lovely nursery, sorting phones out, afternoon tea and home for tea - rather  a gentle start ..... Do so love England !!!!  Only thing is the internet is tempramental at Vals's so please excuse mistakes as sometimes switches off as I am correcting  !!!  Some photos of her gorgeously colourful garden - oh yes raining !!!  So much for summer here