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Imported Linen made into Interior products of quilts, cushions, throws, napery. Vintage fabrics made up into bags, napery. Recycled and painted furniture, mirrors. Recycled pots with plants, floral arrangements......unusual finds for decorating.


To Delft & Munster

Moira Schneider

Having done a relatively small trek on Tuesday, we set off for Delft to find homes & schools where Tony's Mum 'Neeltje' had lived after the van den Bos family had moved from the sea side town of Munster, where the family's history goes back at least 400 years. 

It was a smooth run to Oma's first home & we were fortunate enough to get parking in the street.  We found the house, then walked a short distance to her first school which has now been made into open plan apartments, with bright stripped awnings. Much building work is being done around the Delft train station which is almost on the doorstep of the school, but we were able to find a way to cross the railway lines & walked a short distance to the 2nd school Oma went to. It still has the signage made of tiles on the top of the building but sadly the top windows were boarded up. It is now used as commercial storage. There were sweet gardens mapped out but things were run down.   From there we walked further towards the main square, stopping short to find ourselves in a lovely tree shaded area surrounded with cafes & outdoor seating & tables ......we had a delightful lunch. Try a pink smoothie with mint in it - different ...

After our lunch we walked to the town square, which was the largest we have seen so far ... there was the Old church (1300's) then the New Church facing opposite it is from the (1600's).  Tony went off to find the other home where Oma moved to & I went off exploring arcades .... there wasn't a good feel to the square as I sensed a lot had happened there over the centuries. 

After this we travelled to Munster - this was not a very attractive place but what stood out was the renovation happening in a very old Reformed church that was almost on the beach as we were able to walk from there to the beach ...(Tony's Mum's family were part of the Reformed Church). 

Discovered a Bohemian style Cafe where we had a coffee, then decided to take out shoes off & walk along the beach. Oh what fun as the breeze was coming in, & hardly anyone on the beach but it was just so lovely. Also collected some shells, then time to head back to Leiden. 



Oma's first home in Delft.  



Along our walk.  



Oma's first school. 



Lovely spots along our walk.  



The New Church (as they call it even though it is so old).   


How deceptive - pink smoothie but with Mint .... lovely lunch under big shady trees.  

How deceptive - pink smoothie but with Mint .... lovely lunch under big shady trees.  

The Old Church ...facing onto the City Square.    

The Old Church ...facing onto the City Square. 



The New Church ...  facing the Old Church across the square. It is having major renovations at present. 



Shops surround the square including many selling the famous Delft Blue China !!



As we walked into this Old Reformed Church we were in awe at how they were renovating - leaving portions of the Old but bringing it up to the minute - it felt like cost was not an issue as every detail was being attended to.  




Again there were many grave stones (as we had seen in the Catheral in Haarlem), surrounding the square of the inside of the church & Tony recognised some names that had been known to Oma's family .. 



Outside the church & cobbled paving still surrounding.  



You can see the blandness of Munster as it had iriginally been farms & now light industrial ... 



Short stroll to the beach.  



 Bohemian Cafe ... 



Walking along the beach. The life saving buildings are made out of bright containers -  as are the changerooms that are then clad in wood .. 



Looking towards Rotterdam &  all the industry around the Port.



Another light hearted finish to the day as we had drinks on the decking - a boat of ladies came rowing by with their coach. They all laughed & tried to wave to us while trying to concentrate on keep count with their rowing.  


Oma's 2nd school - you can just make out the sign & see the boarded up windows.  Just discovered this popped on the end of the blog rather than before we left Delft !!!!