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52 Hawkesbury Dr
Willetton, WA, 6155

Imported Linen made into Interior products of quilts, cushions, throws, napery. Vintage fabrics made up into bags, napery. Recycled and painted furniture, mirrors. Recycled pots with plants, floral arrangements......unusual finds for decorating.


In The Race Again....

Moira Schneider


Well after numerous tries to keep up with my journaling not just while I am travelling but everyday lovelies…along with getting my online shop up and running ….the shop is slowly being created behind the scenes and should be ready within a couple of weeks, thanks to my niece who is helping me.

Sometimes or rather most days are cut across despite my best intentions of putting my studio work to the fore.  I work for my best companion who is my dear husband for 30yrs as he is in private practice and he in turn has supported me endlessly in all I do despite my random and spontaneous ways being a creative.

What makes a day different for us, our families, our work colleagues, our friends, amidst what is happening around us.  It is the little things that make a difference to a bland life and hum drum routine day in and day out.  I have so enjoyed many of the blogs and little write ups of some of the women I follow on Instagram across the world, all making a difference and bringing a certain loveliness to many lives, whether in a business or in their homes amongst their family and friends.  It’s really like a beautiful army where ones gets drawn into the beauty of so much around us, so much that often is not seen.  It like the old saying of the goodness of ‘stopping to smell the roses’…….its the little things, like notes in the children’s lunchboxes, candles lit for dinner, weekly flowers picked from the garden, little arrangements on a table, seaside collections impromtuously placed in places that you walk by to bring back memories of that last seaside holiday… takes courage to lift the atmosphere around us, to choose to make a difference in our family & friends lives.

So maybe think of someone who needs a lovely today, tomorrow & make it happen.  As another friend said just 45minutes in the garden can change ones thoughts, lifting their spirt for the day which flows on to others. We are accountable as to how we live & what we impart…….


Ladies Deck Chair covered in Cabbages & Roses Canvas....Chick pom pom cushions as well