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52 Hawkesbury Dr
Willetton, WA, 6155

Imported Linen made into Interior products of quilts, cushions, throws, napery. Vintage fabrics made up into bags, napery. Recycled and painted furniture, mirrors. Recycled pots with plants, floral arrangements......unusual finds for decorating.


End of Winter Sun in my studio

Moira Schneider

This photo shows from one extreme to the other as as mentioned below the hail does have a beauty of its own....


As we have had an extended winter, the last days always bring a softness of the sun setting and this time of the year is a spot thatI just love to be in my studio working.  The cold days are over and as we never really have a heavy winter with snow and sleet, we have experienced a few spots of heavy hail which has a beauty of its own, it is just refreshing working with the windows open and the light shedding a different look through my studio. 

To many it must look look like chaos....and there are times I feel enough is enough and get to and sort things out again, but as I am in the midst of projects one can't help but have all the pieces of fabric in piles around ones self to mix, match and decide what works best.  I love to have the array of work around me as it is inspiration and often something that has been sitting around for a few months, suddenly comes to life as to what it could be made up into.

In between ideas and making things happen, it is good to share with friends and often towards the end of winter means some winter dinners.  This is a time of sharing over good food and wine, what we hope for with the coming summer months.