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52 Hawkesbury Dr
Willetton, WA, 6155

Imported Linen made into Interior products of quilts, cushions, throws, napery. Vintage fabrics made up into bags, napery. Recycled and painted furniture, mirrors. Recycled pots with plants, floral arrangements......unusual finds for decorating.


Quick Trip to Sydney....

Moira Schneider

My going to Sydney was primarily to spend time with my friend who has the most wonderful cottage up in North Balgowlah.  The views are wonderful and there is a little glimpse in the middle of the view straight out from her lounge to see the ocean.  The view means that when the cruise ships sail by especially at night all lit up, look like a treat sailing by.  My friend recalls how her brother, when sailing his large Catamaran through, messaged her to take a look through her binoculars to which she could see him waive.

We thoroughly enjoyed walks, adventures to a couple of cafes and a few little purchases at favourite French stores.  I was so glad that at the last minute I put an extra fold up canvas bag in the bottom of my suitcase !!!

As Shelagh works in the city, I caught the bus in with her on a couple of the last days, then caught a bus up to Woollahra to visit all the shops I had kept a list of...walking down Oxford Street into the City to meet Shelagh when she finished work.

This is just the next corner from where Shelagh works, the famous QVB where once you step inside it is magic with the old arcades fully restored and the intricately decorated shops.  Well....

Nosing around Woollahra was like being in a little secluded village. Popping into 'Imagine This' full of vintage, French and Continental home-grown furniture they would say along with lovely homewares.  Then on the corner of Queen Street is the wonderful French Antique shop called 'Parterre' where I found some vintage embroidery scissors, the ones with the large looped hand opening, so couldn't resist a couple pairs..  This is the start and as you wander down Oxford Street you can pop in and out of the most wonderful stores of fashion, furniture, home accessories along with gorgeous and quaint little coffee shops.

Wonderful old French urns and furniture and just love the moss that is growing in the cracks of the paving....

Many shop owners were more than happy for me to take photos and use on my blog - there is a feeling that it is more exposure for them but also engenders ideas for vignettes in ones home, as each season opens a newness to changing things around.

As I walked along Oxford Street, my head was buzzing with the beauty on the street being tree lined, with some owners using around the base of the trees to have planted bulbs or annuals that brought immense colour.  One place I had wanted to see was 'High Tea with Mrs Woo' . It is a small store with wooden floor boards but a feeling of stepping into a mix of old and new. As I continued to walk these are some of the buildings I passed....

I wandered along to Lee Matthews store, who is a very feminine fashion designer with a whimsy for decorating her store and bringing memories of childhood sweetness back....

Continuing on my walk as I specifically wanted to go to 'The Society Inc' that is owned by Sibella Court, who also has written several books but along the way I chanced upon this lovely old church...

and another opening onto terrace homes and then passing by a lovely showing of a Magnolia Tree.

Now I arrive at 'The Society Inc' such a little shop but filled to the rafters and skinny stairway to the top where more storage is and work done!!!

The trip was everything and more and can't wait to go back and do some more fossicking around for more treasures and to do some photos of a beautiful Florist shop in Mosman Village that was more than just a Florist shop as it had wonderful accessories for flowers that the owner had brought in from the US.

The next blog will have  a story of the Yallingup Vintage Market Day that was an adventure along with some leads to lovely shops and designers in Perth to have a sneak look at.