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52 Hawkesbury Dr
Willetton, WA, 6155

Imported Linen made into Interior products of quilts, cushions, throws, napery. Vintage fabrics made up into bags, napery. Recycled and painted furniture, mirrors. Recycled pots with plants, floral arrangements......unusual finds for decorating.


Off to Biddulph & Lake District ..

Moira Schneider

We have wheels again ... this means we are able to venture to places off the beaten track to explore on the way to Kendal in the Lakes District. Our plan was to get to Longton & Preston to follow up where some of my family came from.  By Wednesday night we would be with our friends Veronica & David in Biddulph, then head to Kendall as a base for 2 days then back for the w/end with Veronica & David. 

As a lunch spot we came off at a little village call Bicester where we were told about a gorgeous little pub call 'Trigger Pond'.  There was quite a buzz as we stepped inside, as there were quite a few people having lunch in a glassed room. We were seated in a bright airy dining room next to the glassed room.  There were many little sayings written on various boards etc around the pub.  This little place was in the middle of nowhere yet people had appeared from nowhere. It had occurred to us we might not be on the right road as we seemed to drive for a while ...

After this stop we headed for Biddulph. As we got closer it became more familiar to me, having spent some time there 3 years ago with Veronica & David.   It was a lovely reunion & especially as David & Tony hadn't met ... the fun began & they were keen to take us on a drive before dinner which Veronica was making. Our little drive was almost 3hrs whereupon we were taken to the wonderful Mowcop (where Smith Wigglesworth preached to a crowd of 200,000 as revival was breaking out). From there you can see 5 Countys (6 on a clear day, all the way to Wales). We did a circle drive, stopping & taking in wonderful sites, arriving home around 8.30pm. We sat down to dinner at 9.45 pm: a long & exciting day ... 

After breakkie we headed off knowing we were coming back to share the w/end with them, with much planned.  


Veronica & David standing under a Yew tree (the tree that Bow & Arrows are made of). I first met Veronica 6yrs ago at a Healing School in Southhampton.  

Veronica & David standing under a Yew tree (the tree that Bow & Arrows are made of). I first met Veronica 6yrs ago at a Healing School in Southhampton.  


Inside Trigger Pond Pub ... 



The quaintness of the Pub



Mowcop - where you can see for miles & the acoustics are so natural.  What a spectacular place where revival was happening so long ago. 


Amazing 1000 year old Cathedral in Congleton where Anglican College Students hold their assemblies & services & very popular for weddings  



Little Moreton Hall in Congleton which was buildt in Shakespeare's time. Plays were held & still are around an open theatre space in the centre of the home. Often summer evenings can be spent here with concerts & plays.  



This amazing old Rectory that was attached to the Cathederal has only recently been sold & will probably be made into appartments. It was the sort of house that when fully restored would be quite magical.  



Our late but beautiful Dinner at the end of our touring ....