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52 Hawkesbury Dr
Willetton, WA, 6155

Imported Linen made into Interior products of quilts, cushions, throws, napery. Vintage fabrics made up into bags, napery. Recycled and painted furniture, mirrors. Recycled pots with plants, floral arrangements......unusual finds for decorating.


Journey to family sites on way to Kendall

Moira Schneider

On our way to Kendall we had planned to get to a couple of places where my Dad's family came from. This was so rewarding as we found them all. One of the loveliest moments was going into the church where my great, great grandfather & grandmother were married in the Methodist Church, Longton. It was so sweet inside.   It was near here, that we discovered a lovely cafe called the 'The Village Teapot'.  It was a cold & wet day & this little cafe was packed out. 

After this we went on to Preston where we found another family place. Driving through Preston left me with an uncanny feeling, as deeply rooted in this area was much sadness. The cotton mills & some mining that were in operation through the industrial revolution were run almost like Dickinson times as many children were used, many accidents happens as well as deaths from some of the accidents. Sickness too from the pollution that came from the large chimneys belching fumes day & night.   I was glad when we were away from that area.  Many more connections were made as we stopped along the way, then drove onto Kendall. 

Kendall is quite a large town but not as touristy as Windermere in the Lakes District. We arrived at the Guest House where we were staying for 2 nights.   Changing we went off to explore where we might have dinner.  The owner of the guest house had recommend a couple of places. We ended up at a great Italian Restaurant (so good that, getting back late the following night we ended back there again !!). The owner shared at breakkie the next morning how he & his wife had worked in London but wanted a more gentle life to start a family.  This unfolded with running the guest house & being able to be part of the Catholic community in Kendall.

Well the next morning saw us up & driving to Wendermere where we walked for a little bit through the Town thena lovely walk along the lake. We discovered we could take our car accross to the other side on the Ferry.  That worked well & saved time. We got to the other side & no soon we got to an old castle that had an outlook high up over the lake....

From there we ambled around going through Beautrix Potter areas, the farms near where she drew, painted & wrote stories. Then off to Wray Castle.  Homeward bound via Newby Bridge, whereupon we had a Gin & Tonic on delightful wrought iron pink & white chairs beside the river ....



One of the places where my family had farmed.  



The beauty of the area was just breathtaking & so good for the soul.  



Boats on the lake close to Windermere.  



Awaiting the ferry & this lovely view.. 



Along the drive ..



Wray Caslte - built by a retired Dr with money from his wife's money (she inherited much as the family produced Gin). They had no children & were good friends with Beautrix Potter.  



Beautrix Potters Gallery ... so touristy that we settled for a lovey book, an ice cream & a walk in fields near the village where Beautrix would have spent time writing & drawing. Also saw many ducks (Jemima Puddleduck), which was near the lovely old Catheral. 



The ducks  with their own pond. 



The Spa & Holiday Hotel at Newby Bridge on the way home to Kendall. 



Its windy, but the fruity Gin (from that area) &  Tonic with delicious nibbles. (worth waiting till the end of the day after skipping lunch as the places were so touristy).



Makes the heart sing with such restfulness & peace, on our way home.  



Back to our lovely guest house - recommended.  

Thanks for your patience with the slowness of my blogs but we have been on the run with so many exciting adventures & late nights. Trying to catch up.