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52 Hawkesbury Dr
Willetton, WA, 6155

Imported Linen made into Interior products of quilts, cushions, throws, napery. Vintage fabrics made up into bags, napery. Recycled and painted furniture, mirrors. Recycled pots with plants, floral arrangements......unusual finds for decorating.


Saturday into London

Moira Schneider

I remember writing this before 'Into London' which seemed such a short time ago but it was 3 yrs ago .....Well I caught a couple of trains up to Portabello Road Markets where there is another favourite fabric shop & also to walk down the Portabello Road Markets.    I started off going into the same little coffee shop that I had met my friend Tamara Fogle (whom I bought Grain Sack Bags From)for breakkie last time - to have a much needed coffee & catch up with Tony. Then I wandered across to 'The Cloth Shop' where Tamara's Aunt Alex works. She knew me straight away & delighted in serving me & chatting about all that was happening. It is a lovely little shop where the owners son lives upstairs as well as being part of the business. There is the resident cat who sits on the window sill & will squeeze through the bars at the window into the little garden the shop looks out onto. I was touched that Alex wanted to make contact with me outside of work to give me some other sources for fabrics....things just happen on the journey. 

After this as I walked down the street, it was a sight to see -  well so much to see. There was a lot of vintage ware, be it clothing, hats,  china & silverware, let alone the lovely old camera's, old prints & maps. So much to absorb & process. 

To leave Portabello & get down to Sloan Square, I needed to find a bus as the tubes for Portabello were not operating now due to upgrades. Having reached the end of Portabello Road & reaching Notting Hill, it brought me face to face with my favourite lunch cafe 'La Pain Quotidien'.  I was able to stop for lunch before finding the right bus ! 

Off again & got to Sloane Square where you certainly feel like a lady as you walk along. Many of the women were beautifully  dresssed,even if casual & so many worr little ballet pumps - very sweet.   I started going in & out of some of my favourite shops then happened upon an outdoor food market attached to 'Partridge's Food Hall'. The stalls were just unbelievebly good. It was like the best of the best. I found a few yummy things to take back to Val's for dinner.  Needless to say I also found 'Chelsea  Flower Gin  & Tonic'.  Couldn't resist taking a couple of little bottles,  Gin & Tonic is Val's late afternoon tonic ...When I brought it out she was a bit sceptical but upon having some she soon relealized just how good it was & it was. It was not till afterwards  when I read the label that  I saw it was double the alcohol that is usual in this size bottle !!!!

Further along I came to 'Anthropologie', 'Cabbages & Roses', & The Chelsea Gardener'. By this time I had walked quite a distance & decided it was time to walk back to the station to get home.     

The evening was so warm that Val & I sat outside for dinner & then stayed reading until after 9 pm as it is still so light. Lovely end to the day.  



Tom the cat squeezed through the bars to go & sun himself in the garden at the 'Cloth Shop'  

Tom the cat squeezed through the bars to go & sun himself in the garden at the 'Cloth Shop'  


Massive pans of food at the Market which had been cooking since 9am .. 



More hand made foods .. 



Old letters from a lettering/printing press & the gentleman from this stall was taking orders to do printing for people. 



This couple were used the passing parade ... 



A lot of Stalls were nicely set up despite some being just tables piled high & no norder to anything. 


Such an array of old cameras.  



An artists Studio & Shop - creative Paintings, Artwork, Painted Fabrics, Sculpture.  



Another angle of the studio.  


The 'La Pain Quotidien' with lovely old interior still remaining from previous tenants.  



My first ride on a bus this trip.  



Children making sand castles near the Food Market.  



Food Market  



Home baked cakes  



Inside 'Partridges' Gourmet Food Hall. 



As I stepped outside Partridges I noticed that there was an Organic Butcher selling too.  



Now inside Anthropologie ...



Amazing displays & creativity in here.  









Chelsea Garden Shop



Chelsea Garden Shop



Chelsea Garden Shop



Chelsea Garden Shop